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Last post here.

All right, folks. Here's the deal. There's a new post up at lasvenues and I strongly suggest you go and JOIN so you can see it. If you liked my icons, you'll love that post. Also, if you would like to affliate with the new community, let me direct you to this entry.

This community is now closed to new members. Thank you for the incredibly awesome following & all the support, I hope to see you over at lasvenues.
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The gods are against me.

This is an important mod post and a shameless plug. First and foremost, seeing as this community hasn't had a new post in what seems like 213413454 years, I am making this an application post. If you are interested in posting here, please leave your name and a sample of your work (3-6 icons and/or banners & wallpapers). Also, if you post to another community, please leave the name of it. Thanks!!

Also, allow me to introduce you to...

Hey flist! I just made a new store designing t-shirts. If you want a specific quote/text, please let me know and I'll make it! Also, tell me which kind of shirt and which colors you want :D


Check it out, tell me what you think! And pimp the link around ;) Also, I'm taking requests for text/pictures to be put on any style of shirt you'd like. Just comment here and I'll make it happen!
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Oh jeeze you guys. It's been a ridiculously long time since I've posted icons. It's all school. And since school is out in two weeks, you can expect some activity here. The request icons are done but there arent enough for a batch. Look forward to some new stuff within the next three weeks. I mean it this time.